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Moving to Nashville? Buying a home in Nashville?


Just like you, I love Nashville. I spent my freshman year at Belmont and even though I ended up transferring to Ohio State to finish my marketing degree, I knew that I wanted to move back some day. When I started my senior year of college and officially decided I was going to move to Nashville (with no job or plan), I started my search for a place to live. I always loved how Nashville had such unique (and distinct) neighborhoods, and I wondered which would be the best for my boyfriend and I (and our cat).

When we found an area we liked (mostly based on a pretty park. Ah, Warner Parks, I love you.) we had no idea what the standard rates for rentals were. Especially coming from a different state, we weren’t sure what was “normal” in the area. We also weren’t sure if the area was filled with families or singles, college students or retirees. I had to spend time learning all the details that influenced our choice. 


I love research and planning, so it didn’t phase me at all to spend hours and hours learning about different neighborhoods and housing options. But, I realize not everyone enjoys the nitty gritty work like I do.


We’re all busy in our own ways, and preparing to move and/or buy a new home or condo takes TIME. When we were getting ready for our move the checklist seemed to go on and on.


Especially if you're going to put who knows how many hours and thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars into purchasing a home, you want to make sure you've done your due diligence and you've found the right neighborhood for you.

From housing prices to crime data to school ratings and more, it takes time to truly learn an area. During the buying or renting process you'll have a realtor or leasing specialist telling you all the wonderful details about the house or apartment, but they don't have the time to go over every detail that matters to you. 


That's where I can help!


 After a few trips from Columbus to Nashville and countless Google searches, we moved south in July 2016.

In the past year of living in Nashville I’ve worked as a Freelance market researcher and writer. I've taken my naturally curious mind and analytical skills and put them to work for my clients. I’ve become comfortable and efficient with finding the right information and putting a million little pieces together to make an easy-to-understand big picture. 

Now I want to put those skills to work for my current (and soon-to-be) neighbors! Everyone may have a different reason for moving to (or around) Nashville, but I think we can all agree on one thing: Nashville is growing FAST and the real estate market is moving even FASTER. There’s new construction going up all over town and for sale or rent signs don't last long in the front yards of your favorite neighborhoods.


I've taken the research skills I've honed over the past year and made guides for Nashville's most popular neighborhoods. 

About the Guides


For each guide I pulled information from at least 9 different sources, scoured through hundreds of lines of data, and put dozens of hours of work into the creation of the first pack of guides. Not everyone has that kind of time (or patience!) to dedicate to research.


If you save even two hours of your time or narrow down your home search by neighborhood faster, the guides will be well worth it.


They cover everything from median listing prices to the best local restaurants, including:

  • Housing prices and trends in the area by home type and size
  • Rankings for schools in the area, plus info on which schools the area is zoned for
  • Information on crime reports
  • Where to eat, shop, and play in your new neighborhood
  • and much more!


I get it, though, "data" sounds really boring. I understand that not everyone likes to look at numbers like I do, so I've made the guides easy to follow and full of graphs and visuals that make it easy to learn about a neighborhood. 


You’ll learn if a neighborhood has:

More family homes or bachelor pads

Rapidly inflating home prices or steady growth

Median prices within your budget or out

High walkability or a dependence on cars

Highly rated schools or room for improvement


Finding all of this information on your own for the neighborhoods would take weeks and weeks.

The Nashville Core Neighborhood Guide includes:


12 South

Hillsboro / Belmont

West End / Vanderbilt

The Gulch

Downtown  / SoBro