Hi there! I help SaaS companies authentically speak to customers with copy so that more connections (and sales) are made.

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The Power of Content

Running a SaaS company is hard work.

The to-do list is never finished, and it's hard to know where to start.

It takes all you've got to work in the business:

  • Perfecting the product
  • Making updates
  • Responding to concerns
  • Managing a team and resources
  • Keeping an eye on the competition

When you have enough work to fill 28 hours in a day there's no time to work on the business. Not only do you need to keep current users happy (and make sure they never wonder if you're worth it and become a part of your churn statistic), but you need to bring new users in.

Then comes the cherry on top: you have no marketing experience, or a small marketing team that's pulled in ten different directions.

The power of content is that it both keeps current users excited and lets future users know you're the solution that delivers the results they want.

Great content and sales copy that converts takes:

  • An understanding of the end customer that makes them feel like you plucked the copy from their deepest thoughts. We get that with research.
  • An efficient content machine that doesn't waste time or money. We get that with strategy.
  • Information that leaves no room for doubt in the user's mind. We get that with collaboration.

Psst - Want a quick-win in the sales copy department?

I've made a checklist for you to follow so that you can start making improvements TODAY. Check it out below

Client Wins

This is like a portfolio, but way cooler. These are pieces of content and copy I've written for SaaS companies directly, or the companies that serve them.

Product Page: Product Usage Analytics


Use Case Page: User Engagement


How to Scale Your Customer Engagement Strategy

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How to Jumpstart Your SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy


Use Case Page: Customer On-boarding


5 Reasons Why White Space is Imperative to Your CRO Strategy

Hearst Bay Area / SF Gate

Do's and Don'ts of Building a SaaS Content Marketing Strategy


Investing in Your Business


Great copy simultaneously excites your perfect customers and repels the wrong ones.

Stephanie is fantastic - she completed the work ahead of schedule, followed (lots of) instructions very well, and created a data-driven blog post that went above and beyond my expectations. I definitely would work with her again!
— Kevin, TransparentCareer
Stephanie is wonderful to work with. Her quality of work is outstanding. I really appreciate the smooth and professionally prepared work. She met my expectations, plus! I recommend her as being worth the cost.
— Ryan, client
We can all learn from Stephanie about how to be productive, effective and efficient. Most impressed
— Luke, entrepreneur
Stephanie did an incredible job with my project in a super fast manner. She went above and beyond my expectations and I highly highly recommend her to anyone that would like their work done in an ultra professional manner, with effectiveness, quality of workmanship.
— Raphael, client


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Why I Work

To build a global community

I love meeting an working with people all around the country + world. It may seem counterintuitive, but I feel that working directly with individuals allows me to make a greater impact.


To see the world 

I won't lie, a big motivator for the work I do is my ability to travel. Curious about where I'm heading next? Ask me about "The Trip."


To give back to causes I care about

Giving back is about time, attention, and resources. At the moment I give back through donations to causes I care about (I focus most on the environment + animals). In time I'd like to grow the time donations I make, and would love to have my own personal animal sanctuary someday. 


To inspire, bring clarity, uplift, and entertain

I am inspired, motivated, uplifted, and entertained by many people every day. This is me trying to pay it forward.


To make business human again

Business school was stuffy. I thought that the only way to do business was with pant suits and formality, but my perspective is changing. My clients (and their clients and their clients) are people, and I aim to keep that top of mind in all that I do.